How To Lose Weight

Following this information WILL DRAMATICALLY FORCE your body into weight loss

     First some background information.  In order to lose weight you MUST be on a caloric deficit.  All a caloric deficit means is that you are burning more calories than consumed or are consuming fewer calories than you are burning- however you choose to phrase this it is the same thing.  Simply eating healthier will GENERALLY automatically put you on a caloric deficit because most of our diets are filled with things we shouldn't be consuming on a daily basis.  

     Once you are on a deficit the body has no choice to lose weight as you are not eating the same amount of calories that was required to maintain your current weight.  The only problem, as explained in my "Weight Loss Menu" section, is if you drop the calories too low you will slow the metabolism and go into "starvation mode."  This will make you feel exhausted and drained and even slow down your progress.  The reason being is simple- your body believes you're starving; which essentially you are if you drop your calories too low.

     Now you can still lose weight eating the foods you love when you eat the "bad foods" in moderation and also making your current nutrition healthier.  This is what we at Divine Wellness and Nutrition show you how to do.  We develop menus for you and also walk you through them and educate you so that you have a sound understanding of how foods work.

     Here are the basics of weight loss and how you can lose weight on your own:  There are 9 calories to a gram of fat.  There are 4 calories in a gram of carbohydrates and 4 calories in a gram of protein.  Write this stuff down as I'm going to show you how to lose weight on your own here.  Fats are ok to eat as these are responsible for many mechanisms in your body but mainly for your hormones.  Fat turns into cholesterol and then a process begins thereby turning into testosterone and estrogen.  Now we want healthy fats coming from olives, fish, coconuts, even a moderation of saturated (animal) fats are completely ok in your diet.  The fats we want to stay away from are trans-saturated fats such as fried foods.  Scientists used to believe saturated (animal) fats were responsible for clogged arteries but that is no longer the consensus. It is now believed carbohydrates, specifically simple carbs such as sugar, are responsible for clogged arteries.  Now not all carbs are created equal.  Simple carbs coming from fruits, which is called fructose, does not raise your insulin levels as does simple carbs such as sugar aka sucrose.  Carbohydrates are the body's main source of energy.  Also, healthier options for carbs are complex carbs coming from oats, legumes, and the like.  I'll add a link down below to Harvards' carbohydrate information.  

     Now we DO NOT need nearly as many carbs as once thought.  The   Recommended Dietary Allowance, created in 1941, suggested a lower fat/higher carbohydrate diet.  Well, since then obesity has been on the rise.  The new science has shown we need a higher protein/higher fat/lower carb diet.  This is what "Paleo" is based on; the Paleo diet is basically eating everything fresh and nothing processed which pretty much puts you on a lower carb diet and higher fat/higher protein diet - a little more to it but that is the basic premise.  Then we have the "Atkins" diet; Atkins is basically the same as a ketogenic diet.  There are also numerous other diets that work.  All of these "diets" are just fads that work based on simple sound science, BUT there really is no reason to completely restrict yourself from anything- unless you want to or have some kind of metabolic disorder.  

     Now how to make sense of all the above.  First you want to consume only 10-15 calories per pound of body weight (BW).  Only 10 calories per pound if you're pretty sedentary or up to 15 calories if you're very active and working out.  Somewhere in between 10-15 if somewhat active.  Also, closer to 15 calories per/lb of BW if you're a man, as men have more muscle mass which burns calories and men have higher testosterone which is also great for burning calories- men definitely have an easier time losing weight: but don't worry women- you WILL lose weight by following these steps.  So for women closer to 10 calories per/lb of BW unless very active.  

     Now for proportions: we will use 40% of the calories on protein, 30% of our daily calories will come from healthy fats, and 30% from carbs.  So let's take a moderately active 200 lb person for our example.  The somewhat active 200 lb individual will consume say 12 calories per/lb of BW which equals 2400 calories for the day.  Now, I said a diet that is about 40% protein.  To figure that out, remember above I said a gram of protein has 4 calories?, we will take 2400 and multiply that by 40% which gives us 960 calories in protein.  Take those 960 calories and divide it by 4 which gives 240 grams of protein.  Next take 2400 daily calories and multiply it by 30% which gives us 720 calories in fat.  9 calories to a gram of fat- so take 720 and divide it by 9 which equals 80 grams of fat for the day.  Next we will take our carbs which, again, has 4 calories per gram.  Using 30% of our daily calories we multiply 2400 by 30% gives us 720 calories.  Take 720 calories and divide it by 4 which is 180 carbs for the day.   This is going to force your body into weight loss.  I give you my word if you do this you WILL DRAMATICALLY LOSE WEIGHT.  

     Also, the 40% protein can be switched with the fat and you can increase fat to 40% and drop the protein to only 30%.  Follow the same math formula I just showed you to figure out the proportions.  

     Also, get checked by your doctor in case you have ANY metabolic issues and make sure this is ok for you to follow.  DO NOT follow this advice without your doctor's consent.  By following this advice you agree that your doctor has given you the ok and you will hold your doctor responsible and not myself.  This is free advice and I promise it will work if you stick to it but as you are not, currently, my client you CAN NOT hold me responsible for anything.

      Also check out my report of "The Hidden Secrets For Losing Weight FAST" in the "Hidden Secrets" section for additional info on weight loss. 

     Again, with your doctor's consent, please do the above and watch yourself drop the pounds.  This WILL transform your life if followed- I Promise you.

     You want to consume carbs that are lower on the glycemic index.  Here is a quick link for some of the carbs in our diet-

Here is a wonderful link- and yes this information does apply to men as well-